Coco and Félicité

Snorkeling Excursion to Coco

and Félicité islands from La Digue island

A short boatride from La Digue island a small and rocky Island, called Coco Island, with prestine clear an turquoise water will invite you for the snorkelling experience of a lifetime.

Not far away we will reach Félicité island with mostly unbelievably classy waters and a richness of marine life you will never forget lifelong. 

Half day Trip, Tour start: 9.00 am or 1:00 pm

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Snorkeling Excursion to Coco, Félicité,  Big Sister from La Digue island

After Coco and Félicité we visite Grand Sister where we will find an amazing treasure of underwater life.

These three islands are jewels in the see and without doubt among the very best snorkelling spots in the archipelago. This is one of our most popular excursion and a "must have seen" in Seychelles...

Half day Trip, lunch on the way back, tour start 09:00 am

Full day Trip, BBQ on the island, tour start 09:00 am

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