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Around La Digue - € 150


The Isle of La Digue is a tropical paradise with jade-green waters, bewitching bays with white sandy gorgeous beaches, and green hills covered with tangled jungle and tall trees. As if that wasn't enough, La Digue has unbelievable granitic rockformations, which lightened in numerous colors during sunset.

Come with us to discover the paradise from the seaside. You will impressed a lifelong.


max. 4 persons; duration 2 hours


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Lunch only on a small island - € 30


We offer lunch for clients who only want to spent time on a small island (we call it princess island) next to Source d´Argent with snorkeling in the small lagoon.


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Photoshooting Tour around Coco, Félicité, Big Sister and Marianne Island - € 300


Do you want to bring spectacular images back at home? Your family and friends will not believe their eyes. Palm trees growing up from the beaches between big granitic rocks. Infront clear and turquoise water. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of these jewels in the sea...

Bring along your camera, lenses, cirkumpolar filter or other camera equipment...


max. 4 persons; duration 3 hours


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Rent a lovely small island - € 50 per hour


We offer for clients who has special occasion like wedding, anniversaries, valentine's day or any other very special day to rent a small island in the beautiful lagoon next to Source d´Argent (we call it princess island) right in front of the most beautiful part of La Digue. We provide only the transfer to the princess island. If you wish any other additional services please be aware they cost extra.


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Liberty Charter

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La Digue, Seychelles

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