Liberty Charter ...

      ... is a family based company   and one of the best  in the Seychelles. The manager and skipper Jonathan has more than fifteen years of expierience cruising the waters of these unique islands. Sometimes his son accompanies the tours. His brother Daran is also skipper and nows the best places for your snorkeling trip. We are experts at providing our clients with truly authentic seychellian boating excursions, offering a variety of charters throughout the pristine waters of the seychelles.

Libertycharter ...

... is the name of our speedboat with two Suzuki outboard engines and a

hard top shade canopy. Of course Snorkeling equipments and fishing accessories on board.

Our homebase is located on La Digue behind the Maki Shop. We look forward to meeting you at the dock soon...

Liberty Charter

Jonathan Waye-Hive

La Digue, Seychelles

Phone: +248 258 1274

Mail to: info@libertycharter.one

Mail to: jonathan@libertycharter.one

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